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We deliver breakthrough go-to-market and growth strategies, content and media services for individuals and businesses looking to build or improve their brand story. We always start with a conversation and listen deeply to understand your challenges and needs before pulling from our toolbox of methodologies and practices to solve your toughest business challenges. We take the heavy lifting of launching, marketing and community building in the brand space while you focus on building out your MVP, putting a stake in the market, hiring developers, and developing the best product solutions on the planet. 

The Alchemy of Weaving Magic

At our core, we are growth marketers that are storytellers, and the magic of what we do in bringing people together around a product or services comes in how we help you weave your story through strategy, content, and media. While the Metaverse and Web3 present new paths for innovation and unlocking growth, our goal is to help you get to know your audience, connect with them and grow community through our brand building expertise and creative craftsmanship. From 2D and 3D designs to metaverse integrations, we form a deep understanding of your needs before creating an entire ecosystem of content tailored for the right customers in the right channels at the right time.  

Courtney Blacker, VP Marketing Lean In  (currently at Nike)

"I hired High Magic to lead a full rebrand after hearing wonderful things about Christina from our mutual colleagues during our time at Google. High Magic really took the time to immerse itself in the complexity of the brand and audience as well as external and internal dynamics. High Magic offers a full toolbox of brand defining exercises and frameworks and was thoughtful, innovative and strategic. High Magic is a fantastic partner who is thorough, flexible and realistic. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with them again in the future."

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