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high MAGIC

brand strategy and creative agency and consultancy delivering exponential growth through cutting edge community building, Web3 tools and content creation
We are real people doing real things for real businesses looking to enter the next era of the internet.
We build,  launch and grow leading products and services at the forefront of the 
through our consulting engagements, workshops, and CMO-as-a-Service offerings.

Grow Your Vision

If you are serious about accelerating your growth, have identified your goals and are ready to commit the time and resources it takes to succeed at the highest levels of success, we're here to help. Please schedule an initial 30-minute call below.

Christina Thelin and Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat, High Magic Co-Founders

"Web3 is transforming the making of consumer brands by harnessing the power of tribes and galvanizing community-powered brands like we've never seen before. At its core, Web3 is creating an internet with property rights, enabled by the distribution of tokens and NFTs and reducing the influence of walled gardens such as Facebook, Google and Twitter. The power dynamics with which new protocols, applications, products and services are brought to life by transferring power to the community of tokenholders is creating an entirely new playing field. With our combined 50+ years of experience and expertise in building award-winning brand strategies, marketing campaigns and films across the tech, financial services, CPG, entertainment and Web3 industries, we are confident that we have the skillset your team is looking for to enter the new era of the internet."

Work & Clients

We pride ourselves on delivering high magic - award-winning executive level brand, marketing and media Web3 services that will set you and your brand up for long-term success.

We succeed when our clients succeed, and our services are not for everyone. If you've spent significant time and money building your product into a best in class offering and you understand the power of community building to catapult your project to the success you've dreamed of, then you're at the right place. 


If you know that building a lasting brand and product or service offering requires just as much thought and resourcing as it took to create your product, if you know that brand strategy and marketing is as much of an art as it is a science, we are ready to talk.

Meet the Team

Our experienced team of award-winning C-level executives have generated the highest level of success and accolades at some of the world's largest companies, in some the world's most regulated and tight-knit, insider-led industries (tech, entertainment, finance, and CPG).
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z headshot profile.jpg

What We Do


We help you

Grow your business, product or service

Find and retain community and customers

Transform your presence

We give you 

A strategy with clear action plan to launch

A Web3 playbook to scale long, not short, term

A team of experts to execute

How We Work

Our approach

Real people (not bots), growth-oriented

Employing deep listening and empathy

Facilitate learning, exploration, and development 

Drawing from a wide range of practices/modalities

We use

Knowledge of culture and where it's headed

First party data analytics

Straightforward methodology

Who We Are


We have

High-profile full time experienced consultants 

Community of expert growth hackers and creatives

Years of experience with projects like yours

We are

A creative story-led laboratory

A strategy consulting firm

A CMO-as-a-Service offering

What We Believe


Our vision

A world rebalanced and restored to its fullest potential where everyone is safe to fully express who they are and more deeply engage in life.

Our mission

Help people and businesses meet their magic, their highest purpose, in order to thrive built on the values of integrity, transparency, safety, and innovation..

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